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Try the online learning games John developed based on Harvard’s interest-based negotiation model. The games teach key skills, such as negotiation, collaboration, influencing and conflict resolution.

Books on Negotiation and Leadership

Leveraging Relationships for Sustainable Value
Procuring Value
Negotiate Your Way to the Executive Table


Professional Bio

Alignor is the global leader in performance improvement solutions utilizing the interest-based approach to negotiation, leadership development, and conflict resolution. Alignor was founded by Harvard Law graduates and expert negotiators who developed a streamlined, effective process for managing key negotiations, handling business challenges and resolving high stakes disputes. Alignor helps clients achieve their objectives through a wide array of products and services, including scenario-based computer simulations (www.alignorskills.com), customized training, expert coaching and consulting, evaluation tools, blended learning and e-learning, and customized job aids and tools.


John is an attorney, writer, filmmaker, activist and internationally renowned negotiation expert. A graduate of both Harvard College and Harvard Law School, John has written numerous fiction and non-fiction books, including three books on negotiation.He has also written, produced and directed award-winning feature films. As President of negotiation consulting and training company Alignor, John has trained thousands of business people, community leaders, activists, lawyers and judges around the world in the interest-based approach to negotiation, collaboration, leadership and conflict resolution. He has worked with the Harvard Program on Negotiation on a project in the Middle East addressing conflict over Gaza and the West Bank.  He has provided negotiation and conflict resolution training to United Nations personnel at the War Crimes Tribunal for Rwanda. John founded a Center for Negotiation and Justice at William Mitchell College of Law (USA), and has served as a Visiting Professor at Fundação Dom Cabral University (Brazil) and the National Law University, Delhi (India). He has traveled to and negotiated in more than 40 countries around the world and played professional soccer in Asia.

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Additional Books

John has written numerous fiction and non-fiction books.

On African Liberation
The Lama, the Snow Leopard and the Thunder Dragon